How to Find HP Printer Password – Step by Step Guide


Last updated on December 20th, 2022

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There are so many questions related to installing printers and many of you asked how to find hp printer password.

So, you’ve plugged in your printer and now it’s asking you to enter the WPS PIN. Worse, the printer is giving you only two minutes to enter the PIN before the prompt expires. But where exactly do you find this ever-elusive HP WiFi password? 

Don’t worry, I got you. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll show you how to find the HP printer WiFi password through a step-by-step guide. 


How To Find HP Printer Password? 

To connect your HP printer to your WiFi network, a wireless network password or PIN is required. Here’s how to find the password: 

Step 1: Power Up Your HP Printer 

Plug the printer into its designated socket and push the power bottom. Once the ON signal is lighted, make sure the printer is loaded with a compatible cartridge

Step 2: Locate the ‘Wireless Direct’ Button 

Alongside the power button, you’ll find two other buttons on the printer’s control panel. 

One of the two buttons indicates a connection to your home or office WiFi network, with your usual WiFi symbol printed on the button. The other is located right below the WiFi symbol, with a printer icon. This is the Wireless Direct printing button. 

Press the Wireless Direct printing button for a couple of seconds until the bulb before it lights up.

Then, wait until the machine prints out your WiFi password.  

Step 3: Connect to Printer to Your WiFi Network 

On your PC/laptop, go to the Printers & Scanners option and click on Add a Printer or Scanner. 

Your device will automatically list all the available printers within the vicinity. 

Make sure your HP printer and computer device are connected to the same network. 

Then, go to your printer settings in the Systems Preferences panel and click on your printer’s name or model. 

Upon clicking your printer’s name, you’ll be prompted to enter a password within 90 seconds. Use the same password that was given to you by your printer. 

And that’s it! You’ve now connected your HP printer with your WiFi network.

How Do I Connect to Wireless Direct? 

If the printer doesn’t automatically print the password, you’ll have to establish a connection between your computer device and your HP printer. Here’s how to do it: 

Step 1: Select the Wireless Direct Option On Your HP Printer 

Touch the HP wireless direct icon, then navigate to the Network Setup or Wireless Settings menu. 

How to Find HP Printer Password_HP wireless direct icon

Select the Wireless Direct option, and turn on the connection. 

You’ll be prompted to visit the HP Embedded Web Server (EWS), which will ask you to turn on security. 

Take a note of the security passcode given and tap OK. 

Step 2: Connect the HP Printer to Your Device

On your device, tap Settings > WiFi. 

Then, select your printer model name from the list of available networks. If you can’t find your printer’s name, move the printer closer to your device. 

If prompted, type the security passcode that was given to you from the printer control panel. 

Step 3: Print Your File 

Open the document or photo you want to print, then click Print from the Action menu. 

Select the printer model from the list of available printers, then click Print again. 

Once the file is printed, reconnect your device to the normal wireless network.

How Do I Connect My HP Printer Through WPS?  

Some of HP’s older models don’t feature a Wireless Direct function. If this is the case for your printer, you can instead connect your printer through the WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) button. 

Long-press the WPS icon, which looks like a standing signal tower, until the light above it flashes. 

If there’s no physical button on your printer, go to the HP control panel and start the WPS push button mode.

After you’ve activated the WPS, go to the Wireless menu, then scroll down and find the option that says WiFi Protected Setup. 

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup. 

Once complete, you’ll be prompted to press the WPS button on your router within two minutes. 

If the computer asks for a PIN, you’ll find it at the back of your printer. You can also find the PIN from the printer’s manual.

Final Thoughts 

There are two ways to find your HP printer WiFi password: through Wireless Direct or through your printer’s WPS. Both methods work equally well in producing the printer PIN. 

If in doubt, consult the printer’s manual for a thorough step-by-step according to your printer’s model.

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